Can I Apply For Nursing Without Maths?

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Can I Apply For Nursing Without Maths?

Can I Apply For Nursing Without Maths? Can you do nursing without mathematics?

Nursing is a compassionate and rewarding profession that plays an important function in healthcare. Many individuals aspire to become nurses, but some may wonder whether they can pursue this path if they don’t have a strong background in mathematics. Nurses provide a central role to so many in a variety of professional capacities. They are required to give care, advice, emotional support and more. They feature in multiple healthcare settings, and they are the first point of call for many patients.  These highly respected professionals are trained to carry out a range of essential tasks, from taking blood to supervising medication and post-surgery recovery. They can help people battle addiction, overcome mental health issues, and improve their standard of living.  Choosing to become a Nurse is making a commitment to care for others, no matter what, and to live by a defining set of principles. Making a career change at any stage in your life is a big decision as it can often mean retraining, and becoming a Nurse is no exception.

NOTE: Entry Requirements: It is recommended that you take Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences, but this is not compulsory at all institutions. You will need a National Senior Certificate (NSC) or equivalent qualification at exit level 4, with English (50-59%)

Admission Requirements For Nursing: Can you do nursing without mathematics?

All qualified applicants wanting to study at the College must make sure they have the following available before attempting to apply:

  • A certified copy of your ID
  • Latest school results
  • Proof of Residence
  • Valid Email Address

Foreign students

  • Certified copies of passport
  • SAQA-approved foreign qualifications
  • Proof of medical insurance or cover
  • Valid study permit

Curriculum for Nursing


  • Introduction to Medical Sciences
  • Human Behavioural Sciences I
  • Integrated General Nursing Sciences I
  • Anatomy for Nursing Sciences I


  • Physiology and Medical Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Integrated General Nursing Sciences II


  • Pharmacology
  • Midwifery I
  • Integrated General Nursing Sciences III


  • Midwifery II
  • Integrated General Nursing Sciences IV

While some nursing programs may require a basic level of math proficiency, it is possible to apply for nursing without advanced mathematics skills. Nursing education places a stronger emphasis on the sciences, clinical skills, and qualities such as compassion and communication. If you’re concerned about your math skills, explore nursing programs that align with your strengths and consider alternative pathways or preparatory courses to help you achieve your goal of becoming a nurse. Ultimately, a successful nursing career is built on a combination of skills, knowledge, and qualities beyond mathematics.


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