Can I Go To University With level 4

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Can I Go To University With level 4

As the new academic year is about to start, the applicant will be in a hurry to apply to university but the question here is. can you apply with NQF Level 4 certificate? NQFstands for National Qualifications Framework. This system is used to determine which level of qualification or qualifications students have achieved. The higher your NQF Level, the Higher your Qualification. this easy is here to guide you explain further on what to expect if you hold NQF Level 4 certificate;

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Can You Be Admitted To University With An NQF Level 4 Qualification?

Yes, universities do acknowledge NC (V) qualifications. You can use your NC (V) level 4 to apply to university, depending on how well you passed during your examination. Note that each university has its own entry requirements, and many universities and courses have additional requirements to the minimum.

What To Consider Before Applying To University

Here are the things you should take note before applying to a university:

  • Your Matric Pass Level:
    1. Apply with a Bachelor’s Degree Matric Pass Level
    2. Apply with a Diploma Matric Pass Level (Only certain universities will accept this Matric Pass Level)
  • Your APS Score:

Apply with a minimum APS Score of 23

  • Your subjects in High School:

Each course at the university level requires you to have particular subjects in High School

  • The type of NQF Level 4 Qualification you have:

Most universities only accept Senior (Amended) Certificates and National Senior Certificates and not Matric Equivalent Certificates

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 Difference Between ABET Level 4 And NQF Level 4

below are the differences between ABET Level 4 and NQF Level 4:

ABET Level 4 NQF Level 4
This is an Adult Education Qualification that is at NQF Level 1. This can be any Qualification that has between 120 – 130 credits.
You can apply for our Adult Matric Course after completing and passing the ABET Level 4. You can go to university if you have passed with a Bachelor’s Degree Matric Pass Level.
This is a type of Qualification. This is an NQF Level.


while entering a university in South Africa with a Level 4 qualification may require some extra effort and research, it is certainly possible. Your educational journey may take various paths, and it’s essential to explore the options that align with your goals and circumstances. Remember that determination, careful planning, and a strong application can significantly enhance your chances of pursuing higher education, even with a Level 4 qualification. Your educational aspirations are within reach!

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