Can I Repeat Matric If I Failed

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Can I Repeat Matric If I Failed

How many times can you repeat Matric in South Africa, Can I Repeat Matric If I Failed

Failing matric exams can be worrying and often raises concerns about one’s educational future.  you might wonder if you can re-write your matric, If you find yourself in this situation there are solutions available for those who have faced academic setbacks. Whether you couldn’t meet the required pass marks or encountered unexpected challenges during your exams, the possibility of repeating matric exists, offering a chance to improve your grades and pave the way for a brighter future;

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What You Will Need To Apply for Adult Matric

Here is what you need to apply for the Adult Matric Course:

  1. Be 21 and older
  2. Have a Grade 9 Certificate or
  3. ABET Level 4
  4. Understand, read and write English or Afrikaans
  5. Study through distance learning

How often can you take the matric exam?

Matric can only be taken again once you turn 21. You must complete the Adult Matric Course once you are 21. Matric can only be finished after the age of 21 if you are still enrolled in school. For instance, if you enter grade eleven and turn 21 before moving on to grade twelve.

Matric Upgrade Program

these are courses for students who have failed Matric or who have passed Matric but need to improve their marks. Here is what you need, to qualify for our Matric Upgrade Course:

  • Your Matric Certificate
  • Failed Matric Certificate
  • Passed Matric Certificate
  • Incomplete Matric Certificate
  • Matric Statement of Results
  • Understand, read and write English
  • Study through distance learning

What Can I Study Without a Matric

These are the programmes you can take in place of matriculation.

  • Adult Matric
  • Beauty Therapy: Expert Course
  • Bookkeeping: ICB National Certificate
  • Bookkeeping: ICB FET Certificate
  • Certified Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma
  • Child Psychology: Short Course
  • Child Psychology: Certificate Course
  • Child Psychology: Comprehensive Course
  • Child Day Care: Short Course
  • Child Day Care: Certificate Course
  • Child Day Care: Comprehensive Course
  • Crèche Management: Short Course
  • Crèche Management: Certificate Course
  • Crèche Management: Comprehensive Course
  • Events Management: Short Course
  • Events Management: Certificate Course
  • Events Management: Comprehensive Course
  • Facial Skincare: Short Course
  • Facial Skincare: Certificate Course
  • Facial Skincare: Comprehensive Course
  • First Aid Concepts: Certificate Course
  • Financial Accounting – Business Management: ICB National Diploma
  • Guest house Management: Short Course

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