Courses Available At Lovedale Tvet College?

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Courses Available At Lovedale Tvet College

Courses Available At Lovedale Tvet College

Are you considering studying at Lovedal Tvet College in the 2024 academic year but do not know the courses available? or do you want to know the available courses at Lovedale Tvet College so you can choose or select from your preferred choice of study? The school offer a very wide range of courses on their respective campuses which help in equipping the skills of their students. Lovedale Tvet College has three campuses namely, the Alice Campus, King William’s campus and the Zwelitsha Campus, they are known for their commitment in terms of providing a quality education for their students which helps them in their career path and also at their place of work.

Courses Available At Lovedale Tvet College

The school offers a wide range of courses which help in developing the skills of its students. These are the available courses at Lovedale Tvet College;

Business Studies

  • National Diploma: Public Management (N4 – N6)
  • National N-Diploma: Financial Management (N4 – N6)
  • National N-Diploma: Human Resources Management (N4 – N6) – Part-Time
  • National Diploma: Business Management (N4 -N6)
  • National N-Diploma: Management Assistant (N4 – N6)
  • NC(V): Management (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Office Administration (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Finance, Economics & Accounting (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Information Technology & Computer Science (L2 – L4)


  • Engineering Foundational Programme
  • NC(V): Civil Engineering & Building Construction (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Engineering & Related Design (L2 – L4)
  • NC(V): Electrical Infrastructure Construction (L2 – L4)
  • Carpentry & Roofing (N1 – N3)
  • Electrical (N1 – N3)
  • Plumbing (N1 – N3)
  • Masonry / Bricklaying (N1 – N3)
  • Water & Sanitation (N1 – N3)
  • Motor Body Repair (N1 – N3)
  • Motor Mechanic (N1 – N3)
  • Welding (N1 – N3)
Agriculture & Arts
  • National N-Diploma: Art & Design (N4 – N6)
  • National N-Diploma: Farming Management (N4 – N6)
  • NC(V): Primary Agriculture (L2 – L4)

Lovedale Tvet College Application Requirements;

Prospective applicants must possess the following things before submitting an application to the institution:

  • Candidates need to have finished grades nine through twelve.
  • The applicant must provide a certified copy of their identification.
  • The applicant must provide a verified copy of their most recent report.
  • The candidates must provide proof of their residential address.
  • Applicants must supply both a cell phone number and an active email address.

How To Apply At Lovedale Tvet College Online  2024

Prospective applicants should follow these tips to ensure a successful application;

  • Visit the “Application” section of the official Lovedale TVET College website to submit an application.
  • In order to apply, candidates must first create a user account by providing their name, email address, and phone number.
  • Candidates must choose their desired program from the list of available options.
  • Then, applicants must upload the required supporting files, including their ID or passport, academic records, and residency documentation.
  • The application must be thoroughly read and submitted, and the applicant must remember to write down the unique application reference number for future use.

Lovedale Tvet College Contact Details;

You can contact the school using the details provided below, or you can visit their official website, for more assistance or support.


  • Phone: 0872382223
  • Fax: 0436421388
  • Email:
  • Physical Address: 1 Amatola Row
  • Town: King Williams Town
  • Postal Address: P.O.Box 2156
  • Code: 5600.

We hope with is information you can now choose among the available courses your preferred course of study, Please share your comments with us in the section below. Thank You.

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