Does Tourism Require Maths?

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Does Tourism Require Maths?

Does Tourism Require Maths?

Are you a prospective student who wants to further your career and wondering if a tourism course requires maths? You do not have to worry because we have all the answers to your question about tourism requiring maths. There are a range of employment opportunities when you have a Tourism diploma. A career in tourism is one of the most rewarding careers if you are open.

People who travel and stay in locations outside of their hometowns or regular environments are said to engage in tourism. A peaceful and delightful work atmosphere is provided by the tourism industry’s hotels, resorts, game reserves, cruise ships, and lodges.

Among the responsibilities and activities are managing a tourism company’s operations, creating visitor or tourist information, and assisting and supplying information to travelers on an aircraft, bus, or ship. being a tour guide or taking tourists; creating marketing materials and displays

Is There Math in Tourism?

No, math is not a requirement for the Matric College-offered tourism short course, nor is it taught in tourism classes. However, you might need to add, multiply, and subtract while performing your duties.

Minimum Admission Requirements for Tourism

National Senior Certificate (NSC/ Grade 12) with:

Having at least a (4) or higher on the accomplishment scale in four of the NSC’s 20-credit areas and meeting the prerequisites for the required courses

  • English (4) 50%
  • Mathematics (2) 30% or Mathematical Literacy (4)50%

At least one of the following:

  • Economics,
  • Tourism,
  • Hospitality Studies,
  • Accounting,
  • Business Studies,
  • Consumer Science,
  • History,
  • Geography

Once you’ve met the minimum admission standards, the department will use your Admission Point Score (APS) as a selection factor. Additionally, you must receive a minimum score of 28 in mathematics or 30 in mathematical literacy on the APS, as well as 24 in math and 26 in math for the ECP on the APS.

How to apply Manually for a Tourism course

Please be aware that there will be an application cost that is non-refundable. The following people are the only ones who can use manual applications

  • Refugee asylum seeker temporary permit/ formal recognition of refugee status in the RSA
  • Applicants applying for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)
  • South African citizens with international qualifications
  • Applicants with permanent residence in South Africa
  • Non-South African citizens

How to apply

  • Choose a qualification
  • Complete an application form
  • Gather your documents (i.e. certified copies less than three months old)
  • Fill in the application form
  • Pay the application fee
  • Hand deliver or post your form and certified copies of documents to our District Six, Bellville, Mowbray, or Wellington Campuses (Admin buildings)
  • Follow up and get your admission status via the online application tracking system by visiting the official website

Online Applications for Tourism

  • Check the website to determine your qualifications.
  • compile your papers, such as certified copies that are no older than three months.
  • For instructions on how to apply online, download the website’s online application guide.
  • Complete your online application.
  • Utilize the online application monitoring system to check in and find out your admissions status.

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