How Much Does a Grade 2 Teacher Earn?

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How Much Does a Grade 2 Teacher Earn?

How Much Does a Grade 2 Teacher Earn?: How much does a Grade 1 Teacher earn in South Africa?

When it comes to career options, many people want to be educators because they may have a significant influence on the lives of children or students. The financial component is one of the most important considerations for people deciding on a career as a Grade 2 teacher. Making informed choices about pursuing this fulfilling profession requires having a clear idea of how much a Grade 2 teacher makes.  The salary of a Grade 2 teacher can vary significantly depending on location, education level, experience, and the type of school they work in.

Let’s look into the wage details for grade 2 teachers and other important details. How much does a Grade 1 Teacher earn in South Africa?

The Salary Earned by Grade 2 Teachers Based on their Qualifications

  • In South Africa, a teacher makes R 276 000 per year, or R 142 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level employment is R 180 000, while the average yearly salary for experienced professionals is R 754 685.
  • The average starting wage for a Foundation Phase Teacher (FPT) is R 138 260. Over R 320 990 is the upper limit for salary.

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Qualifications for Grade 2 Teaching

In order to teach Grade R in South Africa, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • 3-year Diploma in Grade R Teaching OR
  • 4-year Bachelor of Education: Foundation Phase Teaching (B. Ed. Foundation Phase) OR
  • Bachelor’s Degree (other than a B. Ed.) plus a 1-year Post-Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE), specialising in Foundation Phase teaching

Period For Studying Teaching 

Depending on the qualification you can study for more than 3 years or more e.g. at Maric College.

How to Apply for Teaching 

  • Visit the Matric College’s official website to access the application form.
  • Fill in your personal and academic details as required.
  • Attach the necessary documents, such as a copy of your ID, proof of address, and relevant qualifications.
  • Submit the completed application form and documents via the online portal

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