How Much Is Ikhala Application Fee

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How Much Is Ikhala Application Fee

How Much Is Ikhala Application Fee

Do you intend to apply to Ikhala Tvet College but you want to know if they charge for their application? Or do you want to know the application fee of Ikhala Tvet College, then ride with us as we sail you through all the knowledge you deserve to know concerning the application fee, date, process, requirements and course studied in the school?

Ikhala Tvet College does not charge any application fee for their National Certificate (Vocational) and Report 191 Courses but their tuition fee in general ranges from R2,000.

Ikhala TVET College Application Date;

The registration date for Ikhala TVET College starts in the month of September and ends on the 30th of September 2023, so potential applicants can take note of the above date.

Ikhala TVET College Entry Requirements

Below are the general requirements of the school;

  • A valid email address
  • A valid phone number
  • South Africans will need an identification number whiles foreign applicants will also need their passport number
  • Provide copies of your school’s certificate
  • Provide an authentic copy of your latest transcript
  • Show evidence of your address

Ikhala TVET College Courses

The school offers multiple ranges of programs on their various campuses. These are some of the programs offered at Ikhala TVET College;

  • Office Administration
  • General Management
  • Finance, Economics and Accounting
  • Information Technology and Computer Science
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Civil Engineering And Building Construction
  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  • Engineering And Related Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Farm Management
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Marketing

Ikhala TVET College Online Application Processes;

Below is the guideline to help you ensure the successful submission of your application;

  1. a) STEP1
  • Please follow the link below to fill out an online career guidance questionnaire: https//
  1. b) Step 2
  • You need to select a course of your choice but remember you can call on career counselling if you are still not sure of your choice of program.
  • You need to complete the online application for your selected course.
  1. c) Step 3
  • You need to attach your application with all the necessary documentation (valid ID copies, transcripts, valid ID copies of your next of king and a picture)
  • You also need to ensure that your documents are visible and authentic because the school will look through them and accept them if they are visible and authentic but if not they will decline it
  1. d) Step 4
  • You will receive an email from the school after every step, informing you of your application status.
  • After September 30th, 2023 Ikhala Tvet College will start with the choosing process and will inform you pertaining to the status of your application through emails and SMS. The mail will contain all your registration details.
  1. e) Step 5
  • When the school grants you admission, you will receive an email and SMS telling you that you are officially accepted by the school and will be expected to accept the offer on your student’s portal and print the enrolment form.
  1. f) Step 6
  • After your application is been submitted, the school will communicate to you when you are admitted and will sit for a test, then after you will be excepted to go for classes.

Ikhala Tvet College Contact Details

Ikhala TVET College application forms are accessible at any of their campuses; you can also get in touch with us through the contact details below;

For general information

  • Address: Zone D, Gwadana Drive, Ezibeleni
  • Eastern Cape, South Africa, 5326
  • Phone: 0458738800
  • Fax: 04078738844
  • Email:

For admission information

please visit the official website of Ikhala Tvet College for more information or make use of the comments section for assistance. thank you.

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