Is Midlands College Still Open For 2024?

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Is Midlands College Still Open For 2024?

Is Midlands College Still Open For 2024?

Are you wondering if an application at Midlands College is still open for the 2024 academic year? or do you want to study at Midlands College but do not know if the application is still ongoing, then wait as we help you with the answers you are looking for in this blog. the good news is that the application for 2024 is still ongoing at Midlands College, therefore all interested applicants are advised to make use of this opportunity.

Midlands College Application Date;

The application for Midland College’s 2024 academic year is presently available to new candidates. Students may submit applications using the Midland College application portal starting on September 1 and continuing until September 30, 2023. Therefore, all prospective applicants are welcome to submit their applications by the institution’s deadline.

Midlands College Entry Requirements;

Midland College requires the following forms:

  • You must have certified duplicates of your identification documents on hand.
  • Your most current exam results and any other schools’ transcripts must be submitted.
  • Authentic copies of your parent’s or guardian’s identity card must be presented.
  • You also need to present residency documentation.

Midlands College Application Process 2024;

You can help in the admissions process by following the actions listed below:

  • Bring your application form and the printout of the screening results to the registration office.
  • If you are not qualified for a free registration, you must deposit the registration fee at the local Standard Bank (the bank information will be on the registration form).
  • To the registration office, bring your application form, the screening results, and your payment receipt.
  • A parent or legal guardian must accompany anyone under the age of 21 to the registration office. He or she must sign the application and show a legitimate ID along with it.

Midlands  College Courses;

The school offers business, engineering, and occupational training courses that help students develop their talents. The courses that the school offers are listed.

List of Courses / Programmes Offered at Eastcape Midlands TVET College
Business Programmes

NCV (Level 2-4)
  • Office Administration
  • Marketing
  • Finance, Economic & Accounting
  • Tourism
  • Safety in Society
  • Primary Health
  • Hospitality

REPORT 191 (N4-N6)

  • Management Assistant
  • Financial Management
  • Business Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management

Engineering Programmes


  • Information Technology and Computer Science
  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  • Engineering and Related Design
  • Practical Skills Training
  • National Certificate: Multi-Disciplinary Drawing Office Practice
  • REPORT 191 (N1-N3)
    Civil Engineering
  • Motor Electrical
  • Motor/Diesel Mechanic
  • Fitting and Machining
  • Electrical Trade
  • Water Care
  • Welding

REPORT 191 (N4 – N6)

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical /Electronic Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Certificate of Competency (Government Ticket)
  • Occupational Training


  • Motor Mechanic
  • Fitting
  • Welding
  • Electricals

Skills Programmes

  • End-User computing EUC (NQF L2)
  • International Computer Driving License (ICDL)
  • Pastel Accounting
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Welding Skills Programme
Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)
  • National Certificate: Junior Bookkeeping (NQF L3)
  • TVET Certificate: Senior Bookkeeping (NQF L4)
  • Certificate: Junior Office Administration (NQF L5)
  • Higher Certificate: Senior Office Administration (NQF L5)
  • Diploma: Certified Office Manager (NQF L6)
  • National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting (NQF L4)

Midlands  College Contact Details;

Please contact the school using the details listed below for further information, or visit their official website for assistance.

Head Office

Postal Address: Private Bag X35, Uitenhage, 6230

Telephone: 041 995 2000
Head Office Fax: 041 995 2047
Principal’s Office Fax: 041 995 2008
Finance Fax: 041 995 2027


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