Is N3 Equivalent To Matric

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Is N3 Equivalent To Matric

It can be difficult to understand the complicated world of educational credentials, particularly when determining how different credentials compare to one another. Whether a N3 qualification is equivalent to Matric (Grade 12) is one frequently asked question. For those looking for chances for higher education or job prospects, the distinction between these two academic achievements has important meaning. We shall go into the details in this post, examining, among other things, the differences between an N3 certificate and a Matric.

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Is NQF Level 3 Same As Matric

No, NQF Level 3 and Matric cannot be substituted for one another; however, NQF Level 4 and Matric can. The NQF Levels and the qualifications they correspond to are listed in the table below.

NQF Level 1 Grade 9 or ABET Level 4
NQF Level 2 Grade 10
NQF Level 3 Grade 11
NQF Level 4 Grade 12 or Matric Equivalent Certificates
NQF Level 5 Higher Certificates
NQF Level 6 Diploma or Advanced Certificates
NQF Level 7 Advanced Diplomas or Bachelor’s Degrees
NQF Level 8 Post Graduate Diplomas or Honours degree
NQF Level 9 Master’s Degrees
NQF Level 10 Doctoral Degrees


Can I Take A NATED N4 Course Without A Matric?

You cannot study a NATED N4 Course without having completed a Matricula. Even if you have a Matriculated Equivalent Qualification, you cannot study N4. A Matric Certificate is needed to enrol in any NATED course.

Can I Attend A TVET College To Study Matric?

Yes, you can complete your high school education at a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution. At TVET Colleges, ninth-grade students can complete their matriculation. You must be 16 years of age or older to be admitted to a TVET college.

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Can I Apply to A University With an N4

No, you cannot submit an N4 application for admission to a university. You must have completed Matriculation with a Bachelor’s Degree Pass Level in order to apply to be admitted to a university. Find out what the Admission Point Score (APS) is for the course you wish to take by contacting the university where you want to attend school.

Individuals are better able to make educated selections and select a course that best suits their educational and professional objectives when they are aware of the context and career consequences of these credentials.

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