Lovedale Tvet Online Application 2024

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Lovedale Tvet Online Application 2024

Lovedale Tvet Online Application 2024

Do you want to know about Lovedale Tvet online application for the 2024 academic year? Or are you thinking of applying to Lovedale Tvet College but you do not have any idea about their online application for 2024?

Lovedale Tvet College is currently not accepting applications but no need to worry, because the school is yet to make it known to the public about their application date for the 2024 academic year as potential and interested applicants are waiting to apply. As we wait for the application date from the school we will encourage all applicants to visit the school’s website regularly for more updates about the online application.

Now that we all are waiting for the application date from the school, let us help you with some vital information about the school such as their application process, application requirements and courses offered by the school.

Lovedale Tvet Collge Online Application Date:

The online application date for 2024 at Lovedale Tvet College will begin on the 1st of September through the end of September 2023, therefore all interested applicants must take note of the above date in order to meet the school’s application deadline.

Lovedale Tvet College Application Requirements:

All applicants are advised to provide the following documents during the application process: stated are the application requirements;

  • Interested applicants must pass grades 9-12
  • You must provide a valid copy of their ID
  • You must provide a valid copy of their currents transcript
  • Evidence of your residence
  • You must have a valid e-mail address as well as a cellphone.

Lovedale Tvet College Online Application

Below are the guidelines to help you complete your application successfully

Step 1: Choose a Career Guide

  • As a new applicant, it is important to choose a career guide because it helps you with your career interest and also assists you in making an informed decision regarding your preferred program of study.

Step 2: Select A Program

  • Applicants need to choose among the available courses the one they prefer to study at the school.

Step 3: Apply Online

  • Applicants must visit the school’s official website for their online application.

Step 4: Application Status:

  • After applying online, applicants are been advice to follow up on their application in order for them to know the status of their application.

Lovedale Tvet College courses

The school offers business, engineering and agriculture &arts in their respective campuses; stated are the courses offered by the school;

Business Studies

National Diploma (N4-N6)

  • Public Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Business Management
  • Management Assistant

National Curriculum Vocational NC(V) L2-L4

  • Management
  • Office Administration
  • Finance, Economics &Accounting
  • Information Technology &Computer Science


Engineering Foundational programs

National Curriculum Vocational NC(V) L2-L4

  • Civil Engineering & Building Construction
  • Engineering & Related Design
  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction

National Diploma N1-N3

  • Electricals
  • Plumbing
  • Masonry/Bricklaying
  • Carpentry & Roofing
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Motor Body Repair
  • Motor Mechanic
  • Welding

Agriculture & Arts

National Diploma N4-N6

  • Art & Design
  • Farming Management

National Curriculum Vocational NC(V)

  • Primary Agriculture

Lovedale Tvet College Contact Information

You can reach out to us through this channel;

Phone: 0872382223

Fax: 0436421388


Street: King William’s Town

Town: King William’s Town

Box: P.O. Box 2156

Code: 5600

We hope this article has been of great use to you, please don’t forget to drop all your questions and comments in the comments section below or login to the website of school here. Thank you

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