What can I Study With 15 Points

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What can I Study With 15 Points

How many points needed to study, What can I Study With 15 Points

Obtaining 15 points in your matriculation is a remarkable accomplishment that opens up many educational options. Having 15 points gives you a variety of alternatives to pursue, whether you’re a recent graduate or thinking about continuing your education. an aps score of lower than 20 is generally considered a lower aps score in South Africa. With your 15 points, we will explore the various fields and courses you can choose from in this piece to assist you in making selections regarding your academic future.

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APS 15 Points Courses

Short Courses are studyable with an APS of 15 points. Students who want to acquire set of abilities that can be used to launch businesses and find employment should take these courses. The greatest courses are also those that are short, don’t require exams, and teach specialist skills. You can enrol in the short courses listed below: in: 

  • Salon Management Course 
  • Nail Care Courses 
  • Make-up Courses 
  • Facial Skincare Courses 
  • Beauty Therapy Courses 
  • First Aid Course Courses 
  • Crèche Management Courses
  • Child Day Care Courses
  • Child Psychology Courses
  • Tourism Management Courses 
  • Guest House Management Courses 
  • Events Management Courses 
  • Wedding Planning Courses 

Courses For APS 14 And Below

Courses you can study with an APS of 14 or less are as follows:

  • NATED courses (requires APS 14, as NATED courses require Matric or Matric Equivalent)
  • ICB courses
  • Short courses
  • Rewrite Matric
  • Upgrade Matric

 APS scores And Levels

First off, universities use the APS system to determine your eligibility to apply to study there.

Your final Matric grades are used to determine your APS. The lowest APS scores you can obtain are as follows:

  • 14 – National Senior Certificate / Senior Certificate Pass
  • 15 – Higher Certificate Pass
  • 17 – Diploma Pass
  • 21 – Bachelor’s Pass

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How To Upgrade Matric Reault 

Those who are older than 21 and still want to raise their APS and Matric grades have the option of getting a Matric upgrade.

A maximum of four subjects can be upgraded. Any one of these four subjects can be changed. There is no restriction on how often you can enhance your matriculation. Because you will take the Adult Matric examinations, you must be older than 21.

You’ll need the following to apply for a Matric Upgrade:

  • A copy of your Statement of Results
  • A certified copy of your ID

Earning 15 points in your matriculation exams is a commendable achievement that sets the stage for your academic and professional future. Whether you’re interested in traditional degrees, vocational training, creative arts, or entrepreneurship, there are numerous paths available to explore. kindly leave a remark below;

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