What Can I Study With 23 Point

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What Can I Study With 23 Point

What is the lowest APS score; What Can I Study With 23 Point

The South African National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination offers a variety of educational choices for students who score 23 points or more. While it is true that better grades can open up more options, a score of 23 should not be viewed as a barrier to your academic goals. Your ultimate NSC score is based on how well you did in six different subjects. Only your top six subjects contribute towards your NSC score, with a maximum of seven subjects and a score out of 100 for each. Your eligibility for a variety of academic programmes is determined by your final NSC result, often known as your admission point score (APS). Let’s look at what you can study in South Africa with 23 points and talk about how to make the most of your choices below;

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What Should You Study With 23 Points

To be considered for admission to a university, you must have a minimum of 23 matric points (for a bachelor’s degree pass) or 19 matric points (for a diploma pass). If you apply for a bachelor’s degree with a university pass, you can apply for:

  1. Degree Courses
  2. Diploma Courses
  3. Higher Certificate Courses
  4. Certificate Course
  5. Short Courses

Learning about the NSC Point System:

Let’s quickly review the NSC point system in South Africa before getting into specific study possibilities. Your overall NSC score is determined by how well you perform in six different subjects. Only your best six subjects contribute towards your NSC score, and each subject is rated out of 100, with a maximum of 7 subjects. Your admission point score (APS), often known as your final NSC score, establishes your eligibility for several academic programmes.

How Are Matric Points For Universities Calculated

University Matric Points are determined by comparing your percentages of each subject you passed in high school to your codes, also known as APS Scores. The codes (APS Scores) and pertinent percentages are listed in the following table:

Percentages  (%) Codes (APS Score)
80 – 100 % 7
70 – 79% 6
60 – 69% 5
50 – 59% 4
40 – 49 % 3
30 – 39% 2
0 – 29% 1


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While getting 23 on the NSC may limit your options in comparison to getting higher scores, it’s not the end of the road for your educational and professional goals. There are many different academic alternatives and alternate routes to success in South Africa. You can still pursue your academic and career goals with tenacity and dedication by learning about programmes, enhancing your abilities, and investigating different educational options.

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