What Does 777 Mean In Matric Results

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What Does 777 Mean In Matric Results

What’s the highest pass in matric; What Does 777 Mean In Matric Results

Matricu results are an important part of South African student’s educational journey. Each year, students eagerly await their results to determine their future educational and career paths. When the results are finally out, they are presented in various formats, including numbers and symbols. One interesting set of numbers that often appear in Matric results is 777. we will delve into what 777 means in Matric results, Where you can study matric. what to do if you receive this message and so on;

What 777 Matric Result Means

The 777 code in matric results indicates an unsatisfactory grade. This indicates that even though the applicant might have written the subject, the grade for it is still pending review for some unknown reason.

999 Absent
888 Subject change
777 Outstanding mark
zz Ending (irregularity)
px Null and void
mo Marks outstanding


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Where To Study NATED Courses?

At Matric College, you can take NATED courses. Distance study is offered at Matric College. You don’t need to attend any classes if you attend a distant learning college. While studying in the convenience of your home, you will receive all the support you need. The following are some other courses you can take at Matric College:

  • Adult Matric¬†
  • Matric Upgrade
  • ICB Courses
  • Short Courses

What to Do If You Receive a 777 Code

If you find a 777 code in your Matric results, it is essential to take appropriate action:

  • Contact Your School: Speak with your school’s administration or examination officer to understand the reasons behind the 777 code.
  • Seek Guidance: If the code is due to valid reasons such as illness or other exceptional circumstances, seek guidance on the steps to follow for special consideration or deferment.
  • Plan for Re-examination: If the 777 code results from non-attendance or other avoidable reasons, consider preparing for a re-examination to improve your Matric results.

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Possible Reasons for Receiving a 777 Code

  • Non-Attendance: One common reason for receiving a 777 code is non-attendance at the examination. Students who did not show up for the Matric examination for a particular subject would receive this code.
  • Incomplete Paper Submission: In some cases, students may have attended the examination but failed to submit their completed examination papers. This would also result in a 777 code.
  • Invalid or Incomplete Registration: Students must properly register for the Matric examinations. An invalid or incomplete registration can lead to a 777 code.
  • Medical or Special Circumstances: In rare cases, students may have legitimate reasons for not submitting their work, such as serious illness or personal emergencies. In such cases, it is essential to follow the proper procedures to apply for special consideration or deferment.

In Matric results, the code 777 signifies “Did Not Submit” for a specific subject. While receiving a 777 code can be disappointing, it is important to understand the reasons behind it and take appropriate action. Thanks for reading

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