What is Grade 10 Tourism All About?

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What is Grade 10 Tourism All About?

What is Grade 10 Tourism All About?

The subject of tourism in grade 10 teaches students the core ideas and concepts of the travel and hospitality sector. This introductory course offers a thorough understanding of the various aspects of the industry, from tourist destinations and cultural assets to hospitality and sustainable tourism practices.

A student should take special note of reaching grade 10. It is significant since at that time you will need to decide which subjects you will study for your matriculation. Your future options may be influenced by the subjects you select.

By the conclusion of Grade 10, students who have attained the minimum competencies for this Learning Outcome can explain the fundamental ideas of tourism, the sectors and subsectors of the travel and tourism business, the key participants in these sectors, and the motivations behind travel.

As they research their possible roles in the business, learners can match various tourist kinds with the services and goods offered by the various sectors and subsectors, as well as find out about job and career options.

The subject tourism

Tourism is the study of the activities, services, and industries that deliver a travel experience to groups or individuals. It is the study of the expectations and behavior of tourists and the economic, social, and environmental impact of
tourism in South Africa

Time allocation for the subject tourism in the curriculum

The hours per week are required for tourism instruction. The timetable should provide for one double period of 80 to 90 minutes each week so that students can do practical work because this topic requires practical work, which accounts for 25% of the end-of-year promotion or certification grade.

Requirements to offer the subject tourism

  • a textbook
  • Grade 10: a good quality color road map of South Africa, indicating cities, towns, airports, harbors, etc. A map of the local area or city is recommended.
  • Grade 11: a good quality color map of the SADC countries, indicating cities, towns, airports, harbors, etc
  • Grade 12: a political map of the world and a time zone map with the major cities of the world
  • access to the White Paper on the Promotion and Development of Tourism in South Africa (1996) and the latest version of the Tourism Growth Strategy
  • access to a variety of tourism magazines, brochures, tourist maps, and advertising booklets such as hotel brochures, booklets, and maps of South Africa’s National Parks (SANParks)

What Is The Best Subject To Choose In Grade 10?

The classes that fit your job requirements are the ideal ones to select in Grade 10. The available careers and the disciplines they are related to are listed in the table above. For instance, you cannot take history as one of your subjects if you wish to become a doctor of medicine.

What Grade 10 Electives Are?

You can select whichever elective subject you wish since they are not required. You may select one subject from the following group while you are in Grade 10:

Travel and Tourism

  •  Hospitality Studies
  • Tourism


  • Business Studies
  •  Economics
  •  Accounting

Life Science

  • Biology
  •  Physics
  •  Computer Application Technology (CAT)

How Do I Choose The Right Subjects In Grade 10?

To make the right subject choices for your grade 10, you need to make certain considerations to determine subjects that are right for you. Here are some of the considerations that you will need to take into account:

  • Who you are as a person
  • Career choices
  • Further education
  •  Identify subject requirements for further education
  • Understand your subject choices

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