What Is The Highest Pass in Matric

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What Is The Highest Pass in Matric

What are the 3 minimum requirements for a national senior certificate; What Is The Highest Pass in Matric

The final stage of a student’s secondary education, matriculation, is an essential turning point that determines their future academic interests and professional paths. The idea of the highest pass occupies an important spot in this area of academic accomplishment. Using this informative assistance, you may uncover the secrets of the matric pass with ease. Achieving the highest grade during matric is a desirable accomplishment in the academic world that leads to a variety of options. In this post, we’ll examine the details of Highest Pass in Matric, including its High Credit Courses and many more;

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The Highest Pass in Matric?

Bachelor’s Degree Pass

The highest Matric score required to apply to a university course is a Bachelor’s Degree Pass. It’s vital to keep in mind that you must also fulfil all other entry requirements for the particular university programme you wish to enrol in.

Matric Pass levels

There are four (4) main different Pass levels:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree Pass 
  2. Diploma Pass
  3. Higher Certificate Pass
  4. Senior Certificate Pass

Each of these pass levels will give you different Average Point Scores (APS) and opportunities in terms of furthering your studies.

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Bachelor’s Degree Pass Level

A bachelor’s degree is the highest Matric pass level that can be obtained. This pass level will let you continue your studies at the university if you fulfil all the other requirements for admission. To pass, you must obtain the corresponding minimal scores:

  • 40% off your Home Language
  • 50% for four (4) other High Credit Subjects
  • 30% for two (2) other subjects

Meeting these requirements will give you a Bachelor’s Degree Pass level and a minimum APS of 23.

Here Are High Credit Courses

High credit subjects will give you a higher rating when you apply for a university course. High credit subjects include:

  1. Accounting
  2. Afrikaans
  3. Agricultural Science
  4. Business Studies
  5. Consumer Studies
  6. Dramatic Arts
  7. Economics
  8. Engineering Graphics and Design
  9. English
  10. Geography
  11. History
  12. Information Technology
  13. isiNdebele
  14. isiXhosa
  15. isiZulu
  16. Life Sciences
  17. Mathematics
  18. Mathematics Literacy
  19. Music
  20. Physical Sciences
  21. Religion Studies
  22. Sepedi
  23. Sesotho
  24. Setswana
  25. Siswati
  26. Tshivenda
  27. Visual Arts
  28. Xitsonga

These subjects carry more weight when applying for university courses, depending on the course you are planning to take.

In the realm of education, the highest pass stands as a testament to a student’s intellectual prowess and commitment to excellence. Aspiring students should understand that this achievement is within reach with the right mindset, discipline, and support. kidly leave a comment below;


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