What Is The Pass mark For University in South Africa

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What Is The Pass mark For University in South Africa

How do you qualify for University in South Africa; What Is The Pass mark For University in South Africa

In South Africa, matriculation (or matric) is the final year of high school the qualification received on graduating from high school, and the minimum university entrance requirements. the question of the pass mark for university acceptance is a major problem for aspiring students. insights into the pass mark requirements have been stated right here, Whether you’re a student aiming for tertiary education or a guardian guiding a young scholar, this guide aims to demystify the pass mark criteria, ensuring you are well informed about the benchmarks necessary to embark on a successful university journey in South Africa.

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 The Pass mark To Enter University In South Africa

Applicants must fulfil the following eligibility conditions in order to be admitted to degree-granting programmes: Candidates who possess a South African National Senior Certificate (NSC) need to pass a minimum of 4 subjects at a rating of 4 (Adequate Achievement, 50-59%) or better in any four 20-credit NSC subjects.

Your Matric Points should be at least 19 Points (for a diploma pass) or 23 Points (for a bachelor’s degree pass) in order to be admitted to a university. You may apply for the following jobs if you have a university bachelor’s degree pass:

  • Degree Courses
  • Diploma Courses
  • Higher Certificate Courses
  • Certificate Course
  • Short Courses

If you apply with a Diploma Pass at university, you can apply for:

  • Diploma Courses
  • Higher Certificate Courses
  • Certificate Courses
  • Short Courses

How Universities In South Africa Calculate Matric Points

University Matric Points are determined by comparing your percentages of each subject you passed in high school to your codes, also known as APS Scores. The codes (APS Scores) and pertinent percentages are listed in the following table:

Percentages  (%) Codes (APS Score)
80 – 100 % 7
70 – 79% 6
60 – 69% 5
50 – 59% 4
40 – 49 % 3
30 – 39% 2
0 – 29% 1


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Which Marks Do Universities Look At

Universities will look at the following marks:

  1. Grade 11 final marks
  2. Grade 12 June marks
  3. Grade 12 Statement of Results
  4. Grade 12 Matric Certificate

Keep in mind that every university is unique, therefore you should carefully investigate the institution before submitting an application for a course. Aim for good grades and do your absolute best at all times.

The subjects that universities typically look at are as follows:

  1. English Home Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Mathematical Literacy
  4. Physical Sciences
  5. Life Sciences

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