What Subjects Are Required For Health Science?

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What Subjects Are Required For Health Science?

What Subjects Are Required For Health Science? How do you get into health science?

The Health Systems Sciences degree covers the factors and processes that contribute to disease outbreaks and control. It includes a combined Anatomy and Physiology module to help you to understand the underlying principles of health and disease. You will also gain a basic understanding of disease epidemiology, leading into courses dealing with public health, primary healthcare health management and health systems. A career in health science is a rewarding and dynamic path that encompasses a wide range of fields, including healthcare management, public health, and clinical professions. To embark on this journey and excel in health science, you’ll need a strong foundation in specific subjects.

Procedure to Apply For Health Science: How do you get into health science?

  1. Make sure you have  all the required documents saved on your device in PDF format
  2. Click on Apply to link to the application portal
  3. Click on Select a course
  4. To complete all the information about the course you want to apply for
  5. you will need to insert a username and password.
  6. Complete all the screens on the application portal
  7. Once all screens are completed, you will be asked to upload your document.
  8. click on the submit button to submit your application.

Health Science Career Opportunities

  1. Epidemiology
  2. Health Systems Management
  3. Public Health

Curriculum for Health Science


  1. Introduction to Medical Sciences
  2. Chemistry
  3. Physics
  4. Health Systems Sciences
  5. System Dynamics for Health Sciences


  1. Applied Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Health Systems Sciences
  3. Public Health


  1. Public Health III
  2. Any one of
  3. Health Systems Sciences III or
  4. Medical and Health Humanities III

Entry Requirements for Health Science

NSC Requirements

  1. English Home Language OR First Additional Language Level 5
  2. Mathematics Level 5
  3. Life Sciences AND/OR Physical Science Level 5

***The Faculty of Health Sciences uses a composite index score to guide applicant selection. This includes:

Your matric academic results for five subjects: English, Mathematics, the best of Physical Science/ Life Sciences and the best two other subjects. We consider the percentage achieved, not the symbol. National Benchmark Test (NBT) scores.

Health science is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses various subjects, reflecting the diverse nature of healthcare careers. To succeed in this dynamic field, aspiring health science professionals should develop a well-rounded knowledge base in biology, chemistry, mathematics, anatomy and physiology, public health, healthcare ethics, psychology, and communication skills. A strong foundation in these subjects will equip you to navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry and contribute meaningfully to improving health outcomes for individuals and communities.


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