When Can I Apply For Second Semester At Eastcape MIidland College

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When Can I Apply For Second Semester At Eastcape MIidland College

When Can I Apply For Second Semester At Eastcape MIidland College

Eastcape Midland College’s second-semester online application form 2024 is still ongoing for eligible applicants to apply. Midland College second-semester applications can be acquired at any of the college’s official websites or campuses.

Questions on Midlands College second semester admission requirements, second-semester registration fees, application date and closing date for 2024 are disclosed below. Both South Africans and foreign interested applicants can apply to Midland College second semester if they qualify and meet the program entry requirements.

Midland College’s online application date for the second semester of 2024 starts on the 14th of July and ends on the 24th of July 2024. Let me take you through the online application process

Midland College Second Semester Online Application Process 2024

The following are the steps to ensure the successful submission of your Eastcape Midlands College Second semester application form online for 2024

  1. You need to choose a qualification and special requirements
  2. You must gather all your documents or upload additional/excellent documents.
  3. You need to get an application form
  • You must complete your application form online
  • You need to pay the application fee (if relevant)
  • Submit the form together with all supporting documents
  1. You need to follow up on your admission to know your admission status.

Eastcape Midland College Application Requirements For Second Semester 2024;

Before you can apply to Eastcape Midland College, you must meet all their necessary requirements. The general requirements of Midland College are as follows;

  1. a) You need to provide certified copies of your identification documents

b) You must also provide your latest transcript and assessments from any other school.

  1. c) You should be able to provide certified copies of your parent/guarding identification card

You need to provide an evidence of your address.

Eastcape Midland College Courses

Below are the courses offered at Eastcape Midland College;

Business Courses

  •  Office Administration
  • Marketing
  • Tourism
  •  Safety in Society
  • Hospitality
  • Legal Secretary
  • Financial Management
  •  Business Management
  • Marketing Management
  •  Human Resource Management
  • Management Assistant

Engineering Courses

  • Information Technology and Computer Science
  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  • Engineering and Related Design
  • Practical    Skill Training
  • Civil Engineering
  • Motor Electrical
  • Motor/Diesel Mechanical
  • Fitting and Mechanical
  • Welding

Occupational Training Courses

  • Motor Mechanical
  • Fitting
  • Welding
  • Electrical
  • National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting
  • Diploma: Certified Office Manager
  • Higher Certificate: Senior Office Administration
  • Certificate: Junior Office Administration
  • TVET Certificate: Senior Bookkeeping
  • National Certificate: Junior Bookkeeping

 Eastcape Midland Contact Details

Postal Address: Private Bag X35, Ultenhage, 6230

Physical Address: Edison Str, Ultenhage, 6230

Telephone: 0419952000

For more knowledge and questions, kindly visit Eastcape Midland College’s official website. Notwithstanding, should you have any questions pertaining to Eastcape Midland College Second Semester 2024 please leave your comments below.

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