At What Age Do You Go to Grade R?

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At What Age Do You Go to Grade R?

At What Age Do You Go to Grade R?: How old should a child be to start Grade R?

Have you been wondering at what age a child can start Grade R? If you want to take your child to a Grade R school is important to know the age qualified for schooling at Grade R. Starting Schooling at an early age is the right decision to make. This post will disclose the age qualified for grade R. How old should a child be to start Grade R?

The Age Qualified for Grade R

The child should be four years or older or turning five years old within the period of admission. Children who turn 6 this year must complete Grade R, commonly known as the Reception Year, in order to enrol in Grade 1 at a primary school the next year in South Africa.

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Is the Grade R the same as Grade 1?

Yes! The reception year preceding Grade 1 is known as Grade R. Since Grade R is a component of the Foundation Phase, which runs from Grade R to Grade 3, Grade 1 students continue to build on the information and abilities they already have.

 Qualifications and Requirements for Grade R

  • Teachers of grade R often need a solid background in early childhood education. They ought to have a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or a closely connected subject, including early childhood special education, child development, or early childhood education.
  • Grade R teachers should be able to communicate clearly and effectively with young children, using ages-appropriately, language and methods. Patience and empathy are essential qualities for Grade R teachers.
  • A 3-year Diploma (NQF Level 4) in Grade R teaching is required for certification. When the Department of Basic Education posts openings, kindly submit your application and any other required paperwork to the school you wish to study at. Click Here to visit a colleges to try

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