Can I Study Law If I Failed Maths

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Can I Study Law If I Failed Maths

Can I be a lawyer without math, Can I Study Law If I Failed Maths

There are many schools in South Africa Offering Law Program. All these schools have their requirement when it comes to the program but what matters most is you can apply and study maths even if you fail maths. The law faculty is very popular in South Africa with most universities across the country offering law degrees. This piece of content is for you if you are a matriculant or a student who is interested in studying law and pursuing a career in the field but is unsure of the admission requirements that come with a law degree. We offer all the details you require regarding admission point criteria and subject requirements.

If I Fail Maths, Can I Still Study Law?

There are no formal requirements for law, and maths does not have to be one of your matric subjects. You would need to have obtained a specific number of points with your matric results, which are generally determined by adding the scores of your six core subjects (not LO) together.

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Requirement To Law In South Africa

various universities have various prerequisites for admission to law school. The typical university requires 50% for Mathematics (pure math or math literacy) and 70% for English Home Language or English First Additional Language. The average across all topics must be 65%, according to several colleges.

Entry Requirement
  1. A National Senior Certificate with degree admission.
  2. English Home Language level 5 or English First Additional Language level 6.
  3. Mathematical Literacy level 5 or Mathematics level 3.
  4. Life Orientation level 4.
  5. Minimum composite Academic Point Score (APS) 32 not including Life Orientation.

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Law In South Africa Programs

As a lawyer, you may specialize in a variety of fields, including

  • commercial law,
  • criminal law, and
  • private law.

It is possible to become an attorney, judge, maintenance worker, paralegal, or court specialist as a graduate of this program.

Can foreigners enrol in South African law school

This is in conformity with the Legal Practise Act, which restricts admission to the bar to South Africans and citizens with permanent residency. Despite the fact that foreign nationals are permitted to study law at South African universities.

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