Can You Pass Matric Without Maths

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Can You Pass Matric Without Maths

What is the easiest subject to pass in matric, Can You Pass Matric Without Maths?

Students all throughout the world share the pursuit of academic excellence. The Matric test is a vital turning point in a student’s academic career in South Africa. Is it possible to pass the Matriculation without Mathematics, nonetheless, is a common query. In this post, we will dive into this issue, look at the value of mathematics in the Matric curriculum, and talk about different routes to success for people who might have trouble with this subject.

Is Maths Needed To Pass Matric?

Yes, passing the matric exam without having taken maths is possible. The prerequisite for the Maths subject in high school will mostly depend on the degree you want to take if you have a Bachelor’s pass and want to continue your education at the university. Knowing which subjects you can do without maths can be best learned from the university.

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What Actually Happens If I Fail My Matric

You can sign up for our Matric Upgrade Programme if you don’t pass high school. You can do the following things on the programme:

  • Write new subjects
  • Improve on the subjects already passed
  • Pass failed subjects
  • Change subjects

What Does The Codes On My Results Statements Mean

On your Matric statement of results, the following symbols and codes may appear:

Bachelor’s Degree Pass B
Diploma Pass D
Higher Certificate Pass H
Not Achieved Does not qualify for NSC / SC(A)
NSC/BACH A National Senior Certificate qualifies for studying for a Bachelor’s Degree
NSC/DIP National Senior Certificate, qualifies towards studying for a Diploma
NSC/HC National Senior Certificate, qualifies towards studying a Higher Certificate
NSC Achieved the National Senior Certificate only
NSC/LSEN National Senior Certificate, a learner with special educational needs
999 Absent
888 Subject change
777 Outstanding mark
zz Ending (irregularity)
px Null and void (irregularity)
mo Marks outstanding


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While Mathematics is an important subject in the Matric curriculum, South Africa provides various options and alternative paths for students to achieve their Matric certificate without necessarily excelling in Mathematics. Students should carefully consider their chosen streams and subjects, seek support and tutoring if needed



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