Diploma In Teaching At Rosebank College

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Diploma In Teaching At Rosebank College

Diploma In Teaching At Rosebank College

Are you interested in studying at Rosebank College in the 2024 academic year? Or do you want to know the diploma in teaching at Rosebank College? The Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education seeks to meet the need for highly qualified teachers who can facilitate learning by using effective teaching strategies based, for instance, on the discipline and the academic level of the students. For those who are currently lecturing or have previously lectured in the higher education sector in their field of competence but have little experience in the educational system, the certification design provides important knowledge and training.
Graduates will possess a vital awareness of the theory and practices associated with teaching in higher education after successfully completing this degree. The qualification aims to increase knowledge of the theoretical, legal, diverse, political, and ethical contexts and constructs that higher education level educators work within.

Admission Requirements For Diploma In Teaching At Rosebank College;

These are the admission requirements for Diploma in teaching at Rosebank College

Minimum Admission Requirements Notes
An appropriate HEQSF Level 7 Bachelor’s degree, Advanced Diploma or an equivalent NQF Level 7 qualification
Applicants need to have teaching experience or hold a position in which they have responsibility for the development of teaching and learning in an education sector
International A SAQA Evaluation Certificate with NQF L7 equivalence in an appropriate field


Senate Discretionary Admission
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Where candidates do not satisfy the formal admission requirements for this qualification, The IIE may consider an admission application in terms of the Credit Accumulation and Transfer, Recognition of Prior Learning and Qualification Completion Policy (IIE010).


Course Outline For Diploma In Teaching At Rosebank College;

Below is the course outline for Diploma in teaching at Rosebank College;

July-Dec 2023 APPE8411 Approaches to Education
July-Dec 2023 TLHE8411 Teaching and Learning in the Contemporary HE Context A
July 2023-Jul 2024 HETP8419 Higher Education Teaching Project
Jan-July 2024 CURS8412 Curriculum Studies
Jan-July 2024 TLHE8412 Teaching and Learning in the Contemporary HE Context B
July-Dec 2024 EDML8429 Educational Management and Leadership
July-Dec 2024 HETP8419 Higher Education Teaching Project


DURATION: Distance (Online): For those who desire to both study and work, the 18-month IIE certificate is offered through IIE Distance (online) learning. You will receive all of your support online from a specialized staff of IIE Rosebank College online teachers as a distance learner. A student advisor can provide more details.



Early application fees are R150 (due by December 31) and late application fees are R300 (1 January through 28 February), both of which are non-refundable.


R5 990 in cash per module Terms R6 800 for each module. Terms Fee Deposit: R2 040 for each module (Monthly Instalment: R952 per module).

Conditions Apply. The deposit is nonrefundable; for the entire cancellation clause, see the contract.

Rosebank College Contact Details;

For more information and assistance, you can contact the school by phone or go to its official website.


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