Rosebank College Teaching Course Requirements

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Rosebank College Teaching Course Requirements

Rosebank College Teaching Course Requirements;

do you want to apply to Rosbank College in the 2024 academic year but are not sure about their course requirements? Or are you considering Rosebank College as your next college to pursue higher education but do not know its course requirements? You may easily find the Rosebank College entry criteria since we’ll break down all the prerequisites for admission so you know where you fit in and which qualification corresponds to your grade or result. Rosebank College, a recognized institution with a wide choice of programs, is dedicated to providing excellent instruction at a competitive cost. Below are the course requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate students;

Rosebank College Teaching Course Requirements;

Below are the teaching Course Requirements at Rosebank College;


route to admission to NSC

  • A minimum of 50% for English and a minimum of 50% for each of three DESIGNATED NSC subjects (this does not include LO, which is a 10-credit course) are required for NSC (National Senior Certificate) with Degree Admission;
  • An NC(V) with degree admission is a National Certificate (Vocational). It is necessary to have at least 60% in English (either as a First Additional Language or as one’s native tongue), Mathematics, or Mathematical Literacy, and Life Orientation, as well as at least 70% in the four occupational disciplines;

A SC with endorsement or something comparable;

In addition, a 240- or 360-credit diploma in a related discipline may be sufficient to meet the minimal entry requirements for degree study.

You must have complied with the extra requirements listed below:

Those who are pursuing the Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching and the Bachelor of Education in Intermediate Phase Teaching should:
The Language of Learning and Teaching (LoLT) for the BEd degree is English, which is also the language in which the degree is offered.

All applicants must have received at least a 50% grade in English on their NSC, SC, or comparable exam, whether it was their first language or their home language (HL or FAL).

Then again

A Level 3 (40%) at the NSC or an equivalent level, as an HL or FAL, in the language they wish to study as a FAL in the BEd is a requirement for all applicants to the BEd programs.
Must show proof of language proficiency (LP) in the chosen FAL BEd language or languages. Candidates must successfully complete a language competence test in the applicable language or languages in order to be admitted via this option.

Rosebank College Contact Details;

You can call the school through this medium or visit the official website of the school for more information and support.

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