Does Tourism Need Matric?

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Does Tourism Need Matric?

Does Tourism Need Matric?

It is interesting whether tourism requires matric. There are a range of career opportunities when you have a Tourism qualification. A career in tourism is one of the most interesting careers if you are outgoing.

The Tourism Management Certificate course equips students with the skills and knowledge to run and manage tourism establishments. You can use this qualification to look for employment opportunities or run your own business.

Which Course Is Best In Tourism?

Matric College offers Short Courses which are best for Tourism. Here is a list of Short Courses that you can study at Matric College:

  •  Tourism Management: Short Course
  •  Tourism Management: Certificate Course
  • Tourism Management: Comprehensive Course

What Do Tourists Do?

One or more factors will have inspired tourists to travel to a certain location. For instance, people might be inspired to travel to South Africa in order to see Cape Town or the Kruger National Park. They might be inspired to travel to Zimbabwe by the impressive Victoria Falls. When tourists go, they can spend more time exploring the country’s other attractions.

Skills Needed In the Tourism Industry


You must possess leadership qualities if you want to succeed in the tourism sector. These abilities are crucial because, in this field, you cannot constantly work alongside your manager. Consider a scenario in which you led a tour group of visitors on a game drive. You will be looked to be the leader and guide by that group.


When you are out with tourists, perhaps in the bush, issues could arise. It’s possible that the region you’re in lacks a radio or telephone network. Visitors will look to you to address the issue. You must consequently possess problem-solving abilities if you want to succeed in the tourism sector.


Travelers are punctual. You must be organized if you want to succeed in the tourism sector. For instance, you might be in charge of events at a hotel or conference center.

Be specific about the function’s date, the requested requirement, the number of attendees, the menu they selected, the seating arrangement, and the hour of the function. Being disorganized leaves no room for mistakes.

What Are The Requirements For A Tourism Course?

How Many APS Points Do I Need To Study Tourism?

You don’t need to have any APS points in order to enroll in the tourism short courses. With or without a Matric, anyone can enroll in the tourism short courses. Even if you have a degree, you can enroll in one of the tourism short courses.

Career Opportunities in Tourism Course

  •  Leisure Activity Coordinator
  •  Travel Agency Manager
  • Tourist Information Centre Manager
  • Guest Relations Manager
  •  Executive Chef
  •  Sommelier
  • Front Desk Clerk
  •  Front Desk Receptionist
  • Events Manager
  • Hotel Or Resort Manager
  •  Spa Manager
  • Housekeeper
  • Tour Operator
  •  Event And Conferencing Organiser
  • Tourism Marketing Manager
  • Tour Guide

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