How Many Points Is A Diploma

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How Many Points Is A Diploma

In the vibrant educational landscape of South Africa, understanding the value of a diploma and the grading system associated with it is pivotal for aspiring students. Many individuals embarking on their higher education journey often ponder, “How many points is a diploma worth in South Africa?” This question is crucial, as it directly influences students’ academic choices, career paths, and future prospects. we will delve into the details of the South African diploma system. Whether you are a prospective student seeking clarity in South Africa’s education system. all the details are mentioned below;

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Required Points For Diploma Program In SA

19 points

The pass levels and their APS requirements are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s Degree pass (also known as an exemption) – 23 points.
  • Diploma pass – 19 points.
  • Higher Certificate pass – 15 points

Diploma courses

The knowledge and skills that businesses want are taught in diploma programmes. The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) and the Department of Higher and Tertiary Education (DHTE) jointly developed Matric College’s diploma programmes. The Matric College provides the following 11 diploma programmes:

  • Business Management: NATED N6 National Diploma
  • Marketing Management: NATED N6 National Diploma
  • Management Assistant NATED N6 National Diploma
  • Human Resource Management: NATED N6 National Diploma
  • Financial Management: NATED N6 National Diploma
  • Educare NATED N6 National Diploma 
  • Legal Secretary NATED N6 National Diploma 
  • Office Administration: ICB National Diploma
  • Technical Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma
  • Certified Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma
  • Business Management Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma

How To Get Diploma pass

You can fail one topic and still receive a diploma if you receive 40% in four subjects with higher credits and 30% in three subjects with lesser credits.

With this pass, you can register for a diploma degree at a university of technology or a bridging course at a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college.

A student must: Pass the diploma exam in order to:

  • Pass 6 of the 7 subjects offered;
  • Of which 4 Subjects must be at least a 40% (level 3) achievement;
  • Subjects include Home Language at 40% Compulsory Pass /excluding Life Orientation;
  • 30% Pass in Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT). Pass Requirements for Diploma

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