What Is The APS Score For Diploma In Tourism Management?

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What Is The APS Score For Diploma In Tourism Management?

What Is The APS Score For Diploma In Tourism Management?

Admission to the Diploma in Tourism Management program is determined upon fulfilling certain academic requirements as well as points and English language proficiency requirements. The latest recent point requirements and admission requirements should always be followed. Let’s discuss the entry requirements and the minimum points required for a degree in tourism management.

Diploma: Tourism Management

This program’s goal is to give students a solid basis in the field of tourism. The qualified learner will be capable of managing and integrating specialized tasks on their own within the tourism value chain.

Tourism Management Minimum Admission Requirements

Grade 12/Matric

Senior Certificate Requirement:

English (Home or Additional Language) 3 (40-49), Achievement rating of 3 (40-49) in any 3 of the following school subjects: History, Geography, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, Tourism, Agriculture, Life Orientation, Physical Science, Life Science, Accounting, Business Studies and Economics.

FET Colleges

National Certificate (OLD) Requirement:

Pass with HG-E or SG-D in English, and E in any three (3) of the following: History, Geography, Tourism, Agriculture, Life Orientation, Physical Sciences, Accounting, Economics, Business Economics, Mathematics

National Certificate (Vocational) Level 4:

Pass all 3 Fundamental subjects with 50% and above (English, Life Orientation, and Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy). Pass with 60% and above in 3 of the Vocational subjects: Client Service and Human Relations L4, Science of Tourism L4, Sustainable Tourism inSA & International Travel L4, and Tourism Operations L4.

RPL will be used in this curriculum, which recognizes prior learning. According to WSU admissions rules, credits earned through RPL cannot make up more than half of the total credits and cannot include credits at the exit level. The evaluation and recognition of applicants, in particular those with several years of experience in the tourism business, will be done using recognized techniques.


Even if you meet the basic requirements, entrance is not guaranteed. Based on the approval and accreditation of HEQSF-aligned qualifications in 2024 and 2025, this information is subject to change.
As a result, the admission requirements for the present qualification and the qualification aligned with the HEQSF may vary. For the most recent information, please refer to the faculty or the CPUT website. Although every effort has been taken to ensure the correctness of the material in this brochure, the University maintains the right to amend any of the published information at any time if circumstances call for it.

Tourism Management career opportunities

  • Travel agent
  • Tour operator
  • Tour guide
  • Travel planner
  • Travel manager
  • Travel coordinator
  • Marketing Coordinator

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