What Subjects Are Easy To Pass Matric

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What Subjects Are Easy To Pass Matric

What is the most passed subject in South Africa, What Subjects Are Easy To Pass Matric

Life Orientation, Consumer Studies, Tourism, Mathematical Literacy, Dramatic Arts, and Hospitality Studies are frequently listed among the “easiest” matric subjects in South Africa. But “ease” might be a relative term that mostly depends on a student’s individual aptitudes, passions, and intended future occupation. It’s important to choose subjects that fit with your future goals and interests in addition to how challenging you think they will be. read more on this below

Easiest Matric Subject To Pass In South African

  • Dance Studies had a 99.8% pass percentage, followed by
  • Life Orientation with a 99.6% pass rate and
  • Agricultural Technology with a 99.3% pass rate.
  • language learning and
  • life orientation

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Matric Difficult Subject

The following courses are known to be difficult in Matric

  • Mathematics
  • Accounting
  • Physical Sciences

Can I Attend University Without a Matric

No, Matric is a requirement for enrollment at a university. To enrol in college, you need a Matriculation Certificate with a Bachelor’s Degree Pass. In some cases, universities will accept applicants who have Diploma Passes. But keep in mind that with this pass, you can only pursue a Diploma, Higher Certificate, or Certificate Course. If you satisfy any further criteria the university may have, you can do so.



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