What Can I Study With 19 Points

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What Can I Study With 19 Points

Which course can I study at Tut with 19 points, What Can I Study With 19 Points

it’s at the time of the year when a student is anxious to further their education. some students couldn’t meet the required marks to enter university, are you one of these students who had 19 points and doesn’t know what to do next?  As a student with 19 points, you have achieved a significant milestone in your academic journey. Your hard work and dedication have opened up numerous opportunities for higher education and future career prospects. over here we will explore the various academic paths you can pursue with 19 points in your bag.

What Courses Can I Do With Grade 11?

Courses To Study With 19 Points

 NATED Courses To Study

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) created NATED Courses to equip students with knowledge and skills that are valued by businesses. Your chances of landing a job increase when you possess these traits that employers value.

You have a choice of seven (7) NATED courses to take. Which are:

  1. Educare NATED Courses
  2. Marketing Management NATED Courses 
  3. Management Assistant NATED Courses 
  4. Business Management NATED Courses 
  5. Human Resource Management NATED Courses 
  6. Financial Management NATED Courses
  7. Legal Secretary NATED Courses 

ICB Courses 

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) developed ICB Courses to aid students in developing their business knowledge and skills. Your acquired skills are also referred to as scarce skills. If you possess in-demand skills, you possess what employers are looking for. Your chances of landing a job are improved.

The ICB courses that you can enrol in are as follows:

  1. ICB Business Management Courses 
  2. ICB Financial Accounting Courses 
  3. ICB Office Administration Courses 

Short Courses 

Short Courses were developed by the college to give students a range of employable and business-friendly abilities. A short course can help you learn a variety of business-starting and management skills. You acquire expertise that helps you get a job.A few of these include:

  • Good communication skills
  • Research skills
  • Computer-related skills

 These are the Short Courses you can study:

  1. Salon Management Course 
  2. Nail Care Courses 
  3. Make-up Courses 
  4. Facial Skincare Courses 
  5. Beauty Therapy Courses 
  6. Tourism Management Courses 
  7. Guest House Management Courses 
  8. Events Management Courses 
  9. Wedding Planning Courses 
  10. First Aid Course Courses 
  11. Crèche Management Courses
  12. Child Day Care Courses
  13. Child Psychology Courses

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Can I Get A Degree After I Upgrade My Diploma?

Your Matric Diploma Pass can be upgraded to a Bachelor’s Degree Pass. For our Upgrade Matric Course, you can apply. You will receive a variety of materials in this course to aid you in getting the grades you seek. Here is the information you can use:

  • Matric past exam papers and memos
  • Tutors
  • Study material
  • Study guide
  • Textbook
  • Study checklists
  • Study calendar

You need to obtain the following marks to upgrade your Diploma to a Bachelor’s Degree Pass

  • 40% in your home language subject
  • 50% in four other High Credit subjects
  • 30% in one other subject

You will receive a new Matric Certificate with the new marks you have received once you have completed the course.

With 19 points, you have a multitude of academic options to explore. The key is to align your choice with your passions, interests, and career goals. Remember that your academic journey is just the beginning, and with dedication and hard work, you can excel in any field you choose. Thanks for reading;

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