What Courses Can I Do With Grade 11?

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What Courses Can I Do With Grade 11?

What Courses Can I Do With Grade 11? Can I study teaching with Grade 11?

Completing Grade 11 marks an important milestone in your educational journey. It’s a time when you start thinking about your future career and the courses you can pursue after high school. While Grade 12 is the final year of high school and a pivotal time for college or university applications, Grade 11 is an essential stepping stone that lays the foundation for your post-secondary education.  Students across South Africa are having a hard time finding employment. The best trick to improve your chances of getting hired is to improve your skill set. Here are some of the perks of enrolling on our courses.

Entry Requirements for Grade 11: Can I study teaching with Grade 11?

Each specific course will have its own set of entry requirements. The above-mentioned courses will give you access to higher education without matric. Whether you stopped school in Grade 9 or Grade 11 – we have something for you.

List of Courses offered with Grade 11

These courses aim to prepare you for the work environment. You will get industry-related training, as well as other skills. Some of these are:

  1. Project Management Courses
  2. Beauty Therapy Courses
  3. Child Care Courses
  4. Computer Courses
  5. Management Courses
  6. Forensic Investigation Courses
  7. Forensic Science Courses
  8. Health And Safety Courses
  9. Supply Chain Courses
  10. Tourism Courses
  11. Event Management Courses
  12. Short Courses

Tvet College Procedure to Apply

  1. Make sure you have  all the required documents saved on your device in PDF format
  2. Click on Apply to link to the application portal
  3. Click on Select a course
  4. Complete all the information about the course you want to apply for
  5. you will need to insert a username and password.
  6. Complete all the screens on the application portal
  7. Once all screens are completed, you will be asked to upload your document.
  8. click on the submit button to submit your application.

Grade 11 is a critical year for shaping your academic and career path. The courses you choose at this stage can influence your options for Grade 12 and beyond. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a university degree, a vocational career, or a combination of both, Grade 11 provides a pivotal opportunity to explore your interests and build a strong academic foundation. Take the time to research your options, consult with school counsellors, and consider your long-term goals to make informed decisions about the courses you should take in Grade 11. Your educational journey is a unique one, and choosing the right courses now can help you achieve your future aspirations. Comment in the comment section if this article has helped you.


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