What Is Tourism Subject?

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What Is Tourism Subject?

What Is Tourism Subject?

Tourism is the study of the events, businesses, and organizations that give people or groups a travel experience. It is a study of visitor behavior, expectations, and the financial, social, and environmental effects of tourism in South Africa.

With a focus on the travel business, this program seeks to give students the knowledge and skills they need for a career in tourism. After completing the 18-month theoretical portion, students must finish the 18-month practical component by working in the tourism sector. By doing this, it is made sure that students are ready to work in the tourism sector after they graduate.

Time for the subject tourism in the curriculum

Four hours per week are required for tourism instruction. The timetable should provide for one double period of 80 to 90 minutes each week so that students can do practical work because this topic requires practical work, which accounts for 25% of the end-of-year promotion or certification grade.

Requirements to offer the subject tourism

  • Grade 10: a top-notch color road map of South Africa that shows cities, towns, airports, harbors, and other landmarks. It’s a good idea to have a map of the region or city.
  • Grade 11: a top-notch color map of the SADC nations that shows cities, towns, airports, harbors, and other features
  • Grade 12: a world political map and a map of the world’s time zones with the largest cities
  • access to the most recent iteration of the Tourism Growth Strategy as well as the 1996 White Paper on the Promotion and Development of Tourism in South Africa
  • access to a selection of travel publications, brochures, maps, and advertising pamphlets, including hotel brochures, brochures, and maps of South Africa’s National Parks (SANParks).

Tourism Subject



  • Tourism Destination N4
  •  Travel Office Procedure N4
  • Travel Service N4
  •  Tourism Communiation N4



  • Tourism Destination N5
  •  Travel Office Procedure N5
  •  Travel Service N5
  • Tourism Communication N5



  • Tourism Destination N6
  •  Travel Office Procedure N6
  • Travel Service N6
  • Tourism Communication N6

Tourism N6 Job opportunities

You will be job-ready and able to take up a position in the following sectors of the tourism industry:

  • Airline Ground Crew
  • Car Rental Agents
  •  Foreign Exchange Agents
  • Reservation Agents at Inter-City Coach companies
  • Junior Travel Consultants
  •  Tour Operators
  •  Tourism Information Officer
  •  Cruise Consultant
  •  Front Office/Reservation Officers in the accommodation sector.

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