What Subjects Do I Need For Tourism?

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What Subjects Do I Need For Tourism?

What Subjects Do I Need For Tourism?

Did you know that South Africa is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations? With so many lovely places to visit and things to do, it’s understandable why so many tourists rush to the lovely country. Learn everything to know about the subjects needed to study tourism, then take off for a profession.

The wonderful part about studying tourism is that you don’t need any prerequisite courses or credentials. Even without a matriculation, you can study tourism with them.

Admission requirement(s) and selection criteria for Tourism Subjects

Admission requirement(s):

A Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification with a D symbol at Higher Grade for English.

Recommended subject(s):

Accounting, Business Economics, Economics, Geography, History, Tourism, Typing and a third

Selection criteria:

Selection is based on the allocation of points (M-score) for school subjects passed (Higher
Grade or Standard Grade and symbols obtained).

Applicants are assessed by means of a formula for academic merit, based on scholastic



  • Travel Office Procedures
  • Travel Service
Tourism Communications
  • Tourism Destinations


  • Travel Office Procedures
  • Travel Service
  • Tourism Communications
  • Tourism Destinations
  • DTT: Fares within Africa


  • Travel Office Procedures
  • Travel Service
  • Hotel Reception
  • Tourism Destinations
  • Galileo (Optional)


A career in Tourism is demanding and requires people with good communication skills, being able to be a team member and time management skills.


Students will be employable in the various sectors of the Travel and Tourism industry in a junior position.

  • Accommodation Management;
  • Conference and Events Planning;
  • Restaurant and Food Services;
  • Tourism Development;
  • Transportation Management (Airline Ground Crew, Car Rental Agents, Reservation Agents at Inter-City Coach companies);
  • Travel Counselling;
  • Game Ranging and Safari Work.
  • Foreign Exchange Agents

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