How Much do Post Level 1 Teachers Earn in South Africa?

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How Much Do Post-Level 1 Teachers Earn in South Africa?

How Much Do Post-Level 1 Teachers Earn in South Africa?: How much do PGCE teachers earn in South Africa?

Are you thinking about a career in teaching in South Africa and wondering what post-Level 1 teachers might expect to make? When beginning a career in teaching, salary is an important consideration since it has an immediate influence on your financial security and potential.  Let’s get into the specifics of post-Level 1 teacher salary in South Africa so that we can provide you with useful details on salaries, and the variables that affect to increase the salary in the educational field.

This post will showcase the wages of a Post Level 1 Teacher in South Africa, whether you’re a future teacher or you’re just wondering about teacher pay. How much do PGCE teachers earn in South Africa?

The Salary Earned by the Post-level 1 Teacher 

Currently, the entry-level notch (notch 001) pays an annual compensation of R128,838 (about R10,700 per month), but this increases all the way to notch 432, which pays an annual salary of R1,098,408 (around R91,500 per month). A beginning wage of R221,355 (or R18,400 per month) is what teachers with a Relative Equivalent Qualification Value (REQV) of 13, or a Matric plus three years of study, would make. Educators with REQV14 (Matric + four years of study) must first earn R292,764 (or R24,400 per month) as their entry-level salary.

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Variables that Affect the Teacher’s Salaries

These are the factors that affect the salaries to be increased or advanced :

Experience and Qualifications of the teacher: 

  • In South Africa, teachers’ salaries are typically determined by their level of experience and qualifications, with those who have more years in the profession and higher academic credentials earning higher pay.

School Category the teacher is teaching at:

  • The kind of school a teacher works at has a big influence on their pay. For instance, public school teachers often get government funding and are paid according to a set compensation scale, but private school teachers’ pay may be more variable.

Location of the teacher 

  • Teacher salaries may vary depending on geographic location. Those in urban areas may earn more than their rural colleagues.

I hope this article was of help to you, to know more about the teachers salary. they earn annually.


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