Tourism N4 Jobs

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Tourism N4 Jobs

Tourism N4 Jobs

Have you developed an intense passion for tourism? Think about participating in one of the many interesting possibilities offered across all departments to show your support for South Africa.

The purpose of this page is to give details on job openings at and promoted by the Department of Tourism. Information includes instructions for submitting applications as well as the necessary paperwork and papers.

Tourism N4 Vacancies

The Department of Tourism is an employer that values diversity and equal opportunity. The department wants to encourage diversity (in terms of color, gender, and disability), thus candidates who can help with that will be given precedence for appointments, promotions, or transfers.

What benefit comes from studying tourism?

Job openings for tourism industry specialists can be applied globally. You can do this to travel to different places and learn about other cultures, towns, natural resources, and nature. Numerous opportunities exist in the tourism industry, many of which require non-standard hours of employment.

Is working in tourism a wise career move?

A lot of skilled, dependable, and motivated professionals are needed around the nation. Employers need employees who are qualified, passionate and committed to work in the tourist industry. If you check these boxes, you will have a great chance of finding work after graduation.

Are there any job openings in the tourism industry in South Africa?

Following COVID-19, South Africa’s tourism industry is quickly recovering. All around the nation, there is a significant need for skilled, dependable, and motivated professionals. Employers are looking for qualified, devoted, and committed individuals to join their tourist enterprises.

What do tourists and college students do?

Everything pertaining to the travel and hospitality sectors is referred to as tourism management. For professions managing travel, lodging, and food, it provides substantial training possibilities. Working in agencies or groups that are closely connected to the tourism industry is another option for those who manage tourism.

Procedures and information to apply to Tourism N4 Jobs

  • For consideration, all applications must be submitted on a Z83 form with certified copies of all required credentials, an ID, and an extensive curriculum vitae (CV).
  • Applications should be handed in person to Tourism House, 17 Trevenna Street, Sunnyside, or forwarded to the Director-General, Department of Tourism, Private Bag X424, Pretoria 0001.​
  • Candidates who meet the minimal requirements of the posted positions will be given consideration.
  • Please be aware that it is the obligation of candidates to have the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) evaluate their international credentials.
  • Please consider that your application was unsuccessful if you have not heard from us three months following the advertisement’s closing date.
  • The department retains the option of not appointing.

The shortlisted candidates will go through screening and security vetting to see if they are qualified for the position.

Tourism N4 Job opportunities

You will be job-ready and able to take up a position in the following sectors of the tourism industry:

  • Airline Ground Crew
  • Car Rental Agents
  •  Foreign Exchange Agents
  • Reservation Agents at Inter-City Coach companies
  • Junior Travel Consultants
  •  Tour Operators
  •  Tourism Information Officer
  •  Cruise Consultant
  •  Front Office/Reservation Officers in the accommodation sector.

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